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What is a VOAD State/Territory VOADs are essential to the #VOADMovement.

South Dakota VOAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, membership-based association that brings together more than 30 voluntary organizations that respond to disaster as a part of their overall mission. Our mission is to serve as a convening and supportive body for our membership, which is comprised of South Dakota organizations and local representatives of National organizations, all of whom adhere to the 4 Cs: Cooperation, Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration.  Our goal is to effectively provide relief to South Dakota communities affected by disaster.

South Dakota VOAD serves as the South Dakota affiliate of National VOAD.

  1. Communication South Dakota VOAD fosters a climate of openness to promote the regular sharing of information about and between our member organizations and partners.
  2. Cooperation Recognizing that no single organization has all the answers for all the challenges that arise during disasters, South Dakota VOAD promotes working or acting together with a common purpose to share resources and ensure community needs are met.
  3. Coordination South Dakota VOAD member organizations work in a coordinated fashion to more effectively and efficiently utilize donated resources to support South Dakota communities, reducing the likelihood of duplication of effort.
  4. Collaboration South Dakota VOAD strives to break-down silos and encourage cross-sector collaboration to meet the needs of South Dakota communities.
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